michele filippini

michele filippini

ibh bu manager

garvardo, (bs)

lives at: brescia, (bs)

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michele enters hengi in 2015 thanks to rifra. he immediately has the role of lean consultant evolves, shortly thereafter, in the position of manager ibh. he coordinates the work of the business unit, also acts as a consultant to customers for field activities. michele interfaces, for the most part, with the third company level, creating and improving a natural union between the entrepreneur and his team. his daily challenge is to make people grow in their attitude to productivity.


patient – stubborn – eclectic


he graduated in aeronautical engineering at the milan polytechnic, he began his career as a production manager in brescia companies where he has evolved his role to become a plante manager and then embrace the new activity as a consultant and trainer. during his experience he has investigated issues such as: mechanical machining, processing of plastic materials and assembly techniques passions and private life passionate about flying, motorcycling and fishing. he has a family and a teenage son who makes him particularly proud every day.