the marketing, an overused economic business concept, usually is basically unexplored.

from a golden fantasy of the eighties, the marketing became a process in the nowadays organizational developing realities.

eventually, what is the marketing and, overall, what does it mean to “do marketing” for an enterprise in the present market?


let’s just leave behind the detached and simplistic concepts, they would be suitable just for an academic text of for the parasitic wikipedia website. to create a market is a strategic decision and a company should pay attention, or, at least, worry about it. it should pay attention because marketing should be created and defined in any organization, not just as pure function, more or less articulated, but as decisive attitude to realize a strong placement on the market. it should worry because the absence of marketing strategy is highly risky in order to be able to approach the social economic developing world stage.


it is not like they say “without marketing is the end”; anyway, thinking strategically the enterprise inside a market context is necessary in order to cease the trap, or the abyss, of the mere price. it permits to create the conditions to meant to be appreciated for the own business culture and change attitude towards outside. in short, being value to demand value.


businesslike impact


Aesthetics – which value best realizes the enterprise outwardly?

Ethics – which value best realizes the enterprise internally?


today’s market is fast, impulsive, uncertain and in a rapid acceleration, as i like to remind. it enables the enterprises to stop approaching in a false and tactical instrumentally marketing, it leads to an effective strategic approach that creates and enhance the business impact on the contemporary market, the ideas market.


the strategic marketing lives the challenge of finally getting out from anonymity the enterprise, and loudlyimpose its own internal value to realize the highest external value.

it is clear that the strategic marketing becomes a turning point for the company life: without internal value how can i realize and external virtue? right here there is the promiscuity of the tactical marketing: to create a fake external merit able to mislead the market and make them believe the enterprise is what, actually, is not. this is how the illusionist companies have a short life in a market which cares about authenticity and trustfulness of the ideas, created to give the maximum utility and uniqueness to the people.

the strategic marketing expects the organization to define and decide its own ethical “existence” for and with the others, an “existence” that inspires an excellent lifestyle that could be aesthetic virtue appreciated by the community. this lifestyle choice permits to exist and pro-exist towards a long-lasting success.


eventually, we can affirm that strategic marketing arises with the purpose of realizing the most useful and unique organization on the market. as a result, it is not for creating fake strategies or looking for shortcuts for more sales, for fake image of the company, product, service etc, or for playing with the price as unavoidable point of business success.

the utility and uniqueness are the two ethical basis which develop the organization towards the highest desirability and market placement, because these two fundaments lay on two hard ethical decisions of excellence and empathy for and with people.



1.     To define the ethical code (who we want to be)

2.     To qualify people (to enhance and not to criticize)

3.     To give value unconditionally (to spread happiness)



1.     To embrace the challenging vision (who we want to become)

2.     To create the comparison with the reality (objectiveness and not subjectivity)

3.     To realize the dreams in projects (to protect freedom)


initially, the tactical marketing creates an illusion or false business ethics; then, later in time, it leads to delusion and alienation on the market. the strategic marketing, instead, avoids the organizational apathy in the comparison with the suppliers and customers. as we will see, we won’t talk just about price, product, sales point, promotions or advertisement anymore, but about people radical orientation.


if an organization does not give importance to the value or omits its own utility, it runs the risk to meet indifference on the market. It leads people towards a “need negotiation (based on the price)”, instead of living a motivational and qualifying on dreams discussion.

here’s how, strategically, it becomes essential for the expansive and stabilizing organizational evolution to decide the highest market placement. beyond the internal leadership growth, it is indispensable to realize also the external leadership, that is to educate to development even the second and third characters(suppliers and customers) of the social economical ecosystem of the enterprise.


the partnership become the valuable parameter to show how strongly placed is the company on the market, in terms of maximum utility and uniqueness for the motivation and productivity.




1-    Undefined business culture

2-    Lack of strategic orientation on the market

3-    Disordered and unproductive organization

4-    Definition only of results

5-    PRODUCT: price, product and service orientation, “what else can we sell?”




1-     Uncompleted and not spread business culture

2-    Outdated market orientation (5 p marketing)

3-    Organization developed on individual talents based on the turnover

4-    Realization of false productivity for individual results

5-    PRODUCT: result orientation, “what else can we produce?”

6-    STRATEGIC CORPORATE: incomplete and related to the external need



1-    Strong and defined business culture, but not spread outside

2-    Incomplete strategic market orientation

3-    Attitude to develop the strategic organization based on the vision

4-    Growing expansion, but unconsolidated with the collective productivity

5-    PRODUCT: customer orientation, “what else can we do for our customer?”

6-    STRATEGIC CORPORATE: there is an identity, but not completely recognizable and interactive



1-    Inspired, spread and protected business culture

2-    Strategic orientation to the tbtb market

3-    Strategic growth and administration of the company

4-    Collective productivity and motivation for a changing attitude

5-    PRODUCT: Leadership and people development orientation “ what else can we obtain for people development?”

6-    STRATEGIC CORPORATE: an identifying, valuable and recognizable bigger interactivity


the partnership underlines the system contemporaneity, since it brings together coworkers, suppliers and customers to live and reach the collective growth for the general improvement. it means to be an organization completely able to condition positively the known and unknown market.



I believe

I create

I grow

I change



we believe

we create

we grow

we change


now we can understand better what strategic marketing exactly is and which highly challenging goal wants to reach: developing partnership as collective  intelligence and radical ambition value, suitable to spread the changing attitude for the challenging, excessive, revolutionary a the most useful and unique vision for the people.

actually, the highest market placement demonstrates the strategic attitude of the organization to reach “the best of the best” level, which is the maximum symbol for the social economical community in the ideas market.


Who we are

how we are

who we want to become


leadership – partnership


“the best of the best” company


in such a context, the enterprises of the social economical system decide, inspire, spread and protect the business culture in order to evolve their own internal leadership and realize together the partnership, creating exchanges for the profit, prosperity and planet prospective.


the strategic advantage for these organizations is emotional and rational, because the “tbtb” market level is the ideal humus to plant the consolidate expansion towards the motivational business vision.





high demand

beyond the price

human quality of the product

strong orientation towards people

motivation and productivity



low demand

based on the price

medium quality

false orientation towards people

false motivation and false productivity



high demand

low price

low quality

low orientation towards people

demotivation and false productivity


thanks to “the best of the best” orientation, the enterprise grows continuously the attitude to obtain the vision and become the most useful and unique on the market, coherently to its own business culture and to the common productivity. the aim is to evolve the social economical ecosystem in order to make better people among better people.


strategic marketing is the optimal function to realize this common successful perspective, long lasting in time and beyond time.