luis h. dott. ferrari blanco, president & founder of hengi, guest in confindustria mantova to confront, together with the audience, about the evolution of the contemporary market: how the organizations become strategic to get the success.

the market for goods and services has given the way to so-called ideas market, where the winners are the organizations that know always more to think strategically together to get the improvement of the people’s life across the goods and services.

in the ideas market, the companies have the success that, by bringing into play the intelligence and ambition, aspire to achieve the maximum utility and uniqueness for the highest desirability in the market.

to understand correctly how the companies grow up winners today, and consequently how can to grow up his own company, realizes the competitive benefit that bring to evolve and to thrive in nowadays market.

we wait you thursday 2019 9 may from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm at the headquarters of confindustria (mantova) in portazzolo street, 9.

registration here not later than the 2019.05.2