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your role in hengi

course companion of gianmarco amadori at the university of the studies of brescia. struck by the uniqueness and mission that makes hengi extremely close to people, decides to join the great team. enters as a consultant ibh and expands its role by strategically flanking the whole team. today matteo is engaged in the construction of the operating manual with laura, our psychologist, is particularly satisfied and proud of the work that knows how to evolve daily.
matteo is strongly determined to grow the ibh, to get involved and make every day unique.


precise – sincere – curious


graduate in managerial engineering to address economic – organizational to the university of the studies of brescia, attended the university also in portugal for 6 months and then passed the state exam and becoming an engineer in all respects. after a long experience in the bank decides that hengi is the reality that he wants to live every day.

passions and private life

his greatest passions are cinema and tv series on netflix, in particular epic or dramatic movies and thriller series. he loves travelling with friends curious to discover culture and traditions of every place he visits.