marketing & customer care manager

brescia, (bs)

vive a: borgosatollo, (bs)

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your role in hengi

antonella approaches hengi thanks to luis with whom, about 10 years before, he shared a very positive work experience turned into friendship.
thanks to the esteem that nourishes for him decides to accept the challenge to constitute for hengi an excellent customer care.
the challenging goal is to put clients at the center and make them feel important by taking care of them and anticipating their needs.


available – enterprising – on time


holds a degree in public relations and advertising and a master’s degree in business management and management, antonella is dedicated to the commercial activity both for companies of organizational advising that of production and commercialization of goods.
during her experience she has the opportunity to deal transversally with the management of the company and this gives her the opportunity to increase her managerial skills

passions and private life

antonella loves her family, loves music and books, likes to study and learn, and recharges himself spending time in the company of herself.